Europan 12 – Adaptable City •
The Iron Gate Estate_ Varsovia [Polonia]_ concurso [shortlisted]_ cliente: Europan Europe
Europan 12 An appreciation and development of preliminary modernist concept of green city center with punctual high-rise buildings. Authors believe that the original concept can be adapted to today's needs by locating extra high-rise volumes in a more traditional logic (along the streets) and creating controlled green spaces on elevated courtyards on platform detached from Iron Gate units and containing parkings, social services and retail of varying character depending on location and distance from the street. The platform results in active streetfront from Krochmalna street (where also a new high-rise office building is proposed). Iron Gate buildings are heightened by adding retreated three storey high volumes. Authors alos present a vision of systematic solution for the entire Iron Gate zone.
Shortlisted project's description by Jakub Szczęsny (jury member)